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What are Interdimensional Particles?

One of the key ingredients in Super Powers Potion, are Inter-dimensional Particles. What are they? Some of the story of Super Powers Potion, (SPP) will begin to answer this question.

It was the mid-late 90's. I was living in Manhattan, 30th and 8Av, working at Tanti Baci, on West 10th and painting as much as I could. My ever loving mother sent me a care package. One of the gifts was a little jar of under-eye cream. I loved this stuff I luvvvvveeeedddd this stuff. I think it was less than an ounce but it lasted a very long time. The texture was dense, I had to dig to get some out which was fine because I only needed such a little bit.

"Mom you know that under-eye cream from Rialto you bought me, I need more, could you please send more?" I said like a salivating desperate junkie.

"They dont sell it anymore " she said

"Oh to the NO!" I still remember the moment. I was dependent on this cream now, it worked, it did things nothing else did. I was scraping every last morsel.

It finally occurred to me as I was unable to throw away the empty container, as if I still had it I could derive its benefits. I decided to make it. I looked at the ingredients list, bought the ingredients and made it. How thrilling was that? I could mainline the stuff. Since then the ingredients list has developed into the ingredient list it is now. It is also used for far more than only under-eye cream now.

A Native American friend of mine told me to bring the living vortex back to my glass of water by first spinning the water in the glass to the right while making a high pitched sound, bringing in all the goodness, power, beauty and love possible. Pause, at this point you may say a specific prayer, ask for a certain blessing out loud, and then swirl the glass of water to the left and make a low sound, sending away what is not wanted or needed.

She told me this restores living vortex of life back into the water. I still do it. I do it with the pets water and I do it with Super Power Potion. It was natural to incorporate. The process of cooling the SPP takes so much stirring of the individual jars so the mixture does not crystallize. (SPP still works even if it ever does happen to crystallize--it may get heated time to time)

I found myself interspersing the high pitched sounds while stirring to the right with a wooden stick. One jar at a time with them all lined up in a kind of grid. I would say things like, "Let this cream make a very real difference, help it have optimum results, help it be beautiful, bountiful and powerful. May it be filled with Light. Let it have that extra kick, help it be magical and vibrate with the Speed of Light." Now that I make SPP for more people than only myself I ask that it be perfect for the individual using it, help it be specifically uplifting, useful and helpful to them personally and subjectively.

Pausing the stirring, the prayer over the whole batch might go like, "Dear Loving Light, please bless this product with Loving Light. Please surround this product with Loving Light, fill it with Loving Light. Please protect us with Loving Light and bless us mightily with Loving Light. Help us loving spirits grow in self-love and personal power. Help us feel the comfort of the unconditional Love and acceptance for us to feel now. Help us to grow in unconditional Love for ourselves and those around us. Help the Earth to heal and every single loving being to be filled with Loving Light. Help SPP promote our skin's health to the maximum. Help SPP to vibrate at the Speed of Light."

Stirring each pot to the left, one by one, interspersed with making the low sounds I say things like, "Please take away any creepy energy, or any thing that is not Loving, take it away from here. Remove it, send it away to where it cannot do any harm. Send any unloving energy out of this potion, go away any sort of thing or energy that would block Cosmic Love and Light making it's very real way inside here."

As I make it I feel connected to the moon, whatever that means, it is a feeling, an experience. I feel a certain ceremonial-like feeling; vigilant, respectful, deeply caring/cared for and focused. I feel connected to the Loving essence that is out there hanging around the moon and further traveling here to Earth. I know for most of you, that sounds so out there, but it is natural for me. I feel Them, Loving Spirits who want us to know They are there for us. They want to help us have a better quality of life than most of us have ever known. I feel they want to come into SPP and help spin it so fast, it is really holding the Speed of Light within for our benefit.

That first time when I made labels I used an old Letraset alphabet catalogue. I photocopied different font styles into a larger format so I could easily work more accurately with each letter. I typeset the ingredient list by hand with ink markers, on larger paper to be reduced down later at Kinko's on 7th and 24th, to the size for a label.

I called the first go round Nefertiti & Him. As I was doing the ingredients list and I heard over and over in my head "Write down Cosmic Rays as an ingredient." Over and over.

I was like, "No, I am not going to write that, it is going too far, I won't and I can't" I argued with the voice in my head as I lined up each individual letter on the tracing paper to keep it all straight as possible, nice spacing between each letter. This was a time consuming job. I love time consuming jobs when it comes to making art. It was ironic. I have hand-typefaced words and phrases in this same manner for my paintings for ages and now I was using it for an actual product. I was happily lining up all the letters to make the words, "Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Calendula... all the while the voice in my head coaxing me, not letting up,

"Put Cosmic Rays on the label", and me going

"No, no, no, not going to do that."

The voice repeating over and over until finally I dropped my pen and I said "Fine, I am going to look it up in the dictionary and if it is in there fine, I will put it, otherwise no, I will not".

I went to get the navy blue Oxford Concise Dictionary my parents got me for a gift, an excellent high quality paper and binding with those finger indents to quickly find the word needing looking up.

Can you imagine how baffled I was when I read it was basically what I wanted it to be, what I was going for. Here it was in the dictionary. So I happily put it in, it was something, I could prove it, it was in the dictionary. How ironic I noted with glee, the word before it is cosmetic. Hence the name Cosmetic Cosmic Company

Nefertiti & Him didn't work, it was not the right time. Back here in Toronto it became time to look back into making this product for the public over a decade later. I researched cosmic rays again, and by now there is loads of bad press about cosmic rays-- they are considered cancerous and all sorts of terrible things I do not intend, and do not want any part of. I needed to re-name it.

After scratching my brain and brain storming with some others, I came up with Interdimensional particles. They represent the Loving Light radiating into this product directly from outerspace through space travel. Loving high energy and Loving penetrative power that reaches Earth from all directions and straight into SPP.

Anyone could add Interdimensional particles to anything. They are here for us. The only requirement is that you do it and not every can. If one's intent is not loving, it wont happen. Someone trying to do this aspect only to boost sales for their own greed, it wont work. It is something you feel, something you feel in your thoughts and body and heart, you can't fake it. Before the voice in my head prompted me to add it to the ingredients list, I was already doing these things naturally. It is not a step I would lever eave out even if I am making it only for myself. it is like cooking with mojo, it makes food taste better, why would you leave it out?