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Haiti Heidi Ho Came to My Home to Die With Dignity Showtime

Haiti Heidi Ho came to my porch to die with dignity when someone pushed her out into the snow to die in January at the time of Haiti's hurricane. I opened the door and she walked right it. Very bad shape she was. She lived another year with help from Virginia who gave her homeopaths. I couldnt take her to a Vet. I had no job. In the end when she finally did go to the vet, and I had anotehr server job, I found out she was a boy cat. This is her sleeping beside tulips given to me (by a woman who quickly became my regualrs at the restaurant--always wanted to sit in my section- and her husband) to commemorate Spring

HHH Died the Following August

Oil on Canvas

12 x 16 inches

Price: $380.00
284.05 USD 228.12 GBP 262.83 EUR

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