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You know, to inherit the earth as promised.

New Item for Sale

Excaliber Soulful Boy Playing Guitar

Excaliber Soulful Boy Playing Guitar

Excaliber Boy Playing Guitar on a Path of Trees Oil on Canvas 24 x 36 inches $2000.00 ...more info

$ 2000.00

New Item for Sale

Portrait of Lucille Ball painted by Toronto Ontario freelance artist Cynthia van Leeuwen

Lucille Ball

    Lucille Ball Oil on Canvas 11 x 14 inches $400.00     ...more info

$ 400.00

Larger Works - Feb 24th

Hooper Road II

Hooper Road II This is where I lived in Maleny in the mountains. I walked this road many times for beauty and exercise. I was inspired to paint it and finally took a photo to work from. The next day they paved the road over in black. This is the second time I painted this view. The first time was 8x10 inch piece. Oil on Canvas 48 x 72 inches $6000.00  ...more info

Videos - Feb 3rd

The Spy Who Loved Your Skin

The Spy Who Loved Your Skin Summer is a great time to blossom in the sunshine, get nourished by the rain. Super Powers Potion is the perfect thing to drench your skin in to make the most of every moment of your amazing life. ~August 8 2015 ...more info

Videos - Feb 3rd

Real Rainbows WP14TO

Real Rainbows WP14TO Painting & Dancing Outside in the Sunshine @Norman Jewison Park. ~World Pride, 2014 ...more info