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Hooper Road II

Hooper Road II This is where I lived in Maleny in the mountains. I walked this road many times for beauty and exercise. I was inspired to paint it and finally took a photo to work from. The next day they paved the road over in black. This is the second time I painted this view. The first time was 8x10 inch piece. Oil on Canvas 48 x 72 inches $6000.00  ...more info

Media, News, Testimonials and Videos

    Videos The Spy Who Loved Your Skin Summer is a great time to blossom in the sunshine, get nourished by the rain. Super Powers Potion is the perfect thing to drench your skin in to make the most of every moment of your amazing life. ~August 8 2015 Tony Plays Guitar and Endorses Super Powers Potion In his time off Tony van Leeuwen, a retired Singer man, (is able to fix your sewing machine in the Burlington ON region--you drop it to his house he will fix- effective and reasonable) plays his guitars and has always played the guitar. He takes another moment to speak his mind about SUPER POWERS ...more info

Alchemist Cynthia van Leeuwen


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         My name is Cynthia van Leeuwen. I am an oil painter,  portrait painter. I also paint what I call Psychedelic History,  which is all the history they burned the books of, smashed the statues of, killed and murdered people for. The main motivating factor in all of these cultures and types of art is Love. Love has been badly maligned. I want peace on this old planet. Through my mother, I also stumbled upon making skin cream. Super Powers Potion is a sustainable and effective skin cream. One of the secret ingredients in this product is the Speed of Light. I realize how out there that sounds but it was a gift landing right in my lap. It makes all the difference. ...more info

There is no such thing as good painting about nothing. ~Rothko

Mermaids, Oil on Wood, 14 x 36.5 inch, $1000

ORIGINAL ART WORKS & PRINTS Through a painting we can see the whole world. ~Hans Hoffman Please contact for prints, (made to order).   COMMISSIONED OIL PAINTINGS   Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. ~Leo Tolstoy Please contact for details.   ...more info

Commissioned Work

Commissioned paintings, portraits please contact c@inherithearth for details....more info


Most of my paintings are subjective and observational, you will find my sketch books are too....more info