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There is no such thing as good painting about nothing. ~Rothko

Mermaids, Oil on Wood, 14 x 36.5 inch, $1000

ORIGINAL ART WORKS & PRINTS Through a painting we can see the whole world. ~Hans Hoffman Paintings $2.00 per square inch Please contact for prints, (made to order) comments and questions.   COMMISSIONED OIL PAINTINGS   Art is not a handicraft, it is the......more info

Talking to and listening to birds

A short video of me talking to and listening to birds. grab some popcorn and a tea...more info

Paint A Canvas Nights are Good for your Soul

The proto-type for the evening.

Learn fundamental painting and design skills. No matter your experience level, come join us for a fun Paint A Canvas event ...more info


Most of my paintings are subjective and observational, you will find my sketch books are too....more info

Commissioned Work

Commissioned work Contact c@inherithearth for details and prices...more info