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You know, to inherit the earth as promised.

Super Powers Potion smells beautiful, mild but distinctly scented

Super Powers Potion

The skin cream that Cynthia makes, Super Powers Potion, is my favourite skin cream. It has given me such great results, I do not wish to use any other product. I do not need any other product. It works under my eyes, all over my face and as a night cream all combined. The ingredients......more info

Yvonne has been using Super Powers Potion for a few years now

Super Powers Potion

  Yvonne has been using Super Powers Potion for a few years now and as she says, “I wouldn't want to use anything else”. As a young mother and now a still young mother although her daughter managed to grow up, Yvonne has maintained her natural beauty with a simple skin care......more info

After trying a sample, I was hooked

Super Powers Potion

A staple in anyone's home, Super Powers Potion is one of those products everyone should own. I've been using Super Powers Potions for 5 years now. I was referred to it by a friend who knows how much I love using natural based products. After trying a sample, I was hooked.......more info

Super Powers Potion gave me back 10 years!

Super Powers Potion

Working long hours outdoors in all Canadian weather was starting to take its toll on my face, I was ageing fast, in my 40’s looking like 60, getting lines, dry red patches and looking grey and tired. I used a ton of different products from the famous brands with varying degrees of......more info