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Super Powers Potion smells beautiful, mild but distinctly scented

Super Powers Potion

The skin cream that Cynthia makes, Super Powers Potion, is my favourite skin cream. It has given me such great results, I do not wish to use any other product. I do not need any other product. It works under my eyes, all over my face and as a night cream all combined. The ingredients are all natural and do not bother my skin at all. Super Powers Potion smells beautiful, mild but distinctly scented. I have been using it for a few years now and even my doctor commented on how healthy my skin appears. He told me to keep using it because as he said,”It works”. I will be 70 years old in four months and I certainly do not look or feel “old”. I lead an active life, loving , Zumba, walking, cooking and animals. As a mother of five and a grandmother to eight , I do not have a lot of extra time on my hands and I find Super Powers Potion luxurious and down to earth. I put it on my face and after ten or fifteen minutes all the cream has absorbed right into my skin leaving it creamy and the appearance of wrinkles is gone! I have bought some for my some of my children and they love it too. Super Powers Potion is wonderful and I would not want to live without it. I use it all over my body for my overall skin health. Sheila Toronto September 2014 ...more info

Yvonne has been using Super Powers Potion for a few years now

Super Powers Potion

  Yvonne has been using Super Powers Potion for a few years now and as she says, “I wouldn't want to use anything else”. As a young mother and now a still young mother although her daughter managed to grow up, Yvonne has maintained her natural beauty with a simple skin care regime including Super Powers Potion.   Yvonne. Toronto July 2014 ...more info

After trying a sample, I was hooked

Super Powers Potion

A staple in anyone's home, Super Powers Potion is one of those products everyone should own. I've been using Super Powers Potions for 5 years now. I was referred to it by a friend who knows how much I love using natural based products. After trying a sample, I was hooked. Whether I'm using it as a night cream, lip balm, or spot treatment, this product has so many uses. My skin type: have a combination of oily and dry skin. In addition my skin is quite sensitive, so if I encounter any breakouts or sun damage, I am always left with red spots or scars. So how does Super Powers Potion help me? My skin gets especially dry after I wash it. I usually wash my face in the evening to remove makeup and build up from the day. After this I apply a small amount of Super Powers Potion to different section on my face. It spreads generously. Overnight the cream helps balance the ph levels in my skin, and speed up the healing process on damaged areas. By the morning my skin is smooth and noticeably clearer. In the winter it serves as a rich moisturizer for hands and lips. Finally, why I say it's a staple in anyone's home? It is able to cure almost any skin ailment - from cuts, to burns, to bites, to scarring. I use it on everything. So why do I use Super Powers Potion over other products on the market? It's 100% natural. With all the chemicals and toxins we expose our selves to over the years, I believe it is important to feed our bodies with the natural ingredients the earth has inherited us with. But more importantly than that, it works. Those chemicals and by products found in creams found in drug stores or so called "natural beauty" may temporarily cure some skin ailments, but in the long run, will cause plenty of other unforeseeable problems on both the surface and deep layer of the skin. This is why I trust Super Powers Potion. It's natural and it works. Thanks, Rosali Rosalie. Toronto September 2014 ...more info

Super Powers Potion gave me back 10 years!

Super Powers Potion

Working long hours outdoors in all Canadian weather was starting to take its toll on my face, I was ageing fast, in my 40’s looking like 60, getting lines, dry red patches and looking grey and tired. I used a ton of different products from the famous brands with varying degrees of failure and was at wits end until a kind friend gave me a sample of Super Powers Potion a little hesitant at first I used it to soothe razor burn after shaving at the gym and it did the trick! after about 20 minutes the natural oils sunk deep into the pores and took away that redness, after a week of using it twice daily after showering it gave my skin a healthy sheen, after a month I had a glowing gloss, it kinda plumped up my face to smooth lines away and gave me back 10 years, I got a load of positive feedback from the ladies, I was hooked...I would buy it by the 5gallon pail if they did that size! I now use it all over, it has a 100 uses; a body moisturizer, a back rub, a sunscreen, a playlube, a post shave balm and all in one cool packaged jar...Praise SPP, I am a convert!!!   Karl W. Toronto August 2014 ...more info