"Cynthia, your work is done with skill. It shows imaginative and experimental ideas and real meaning. You are obviously in tune with your inner creative voices as you work on a piece!"

Your high school Art teachers, Birgit and Robert Bateman.

Come paint a 16 x 20" canvas

Paint Night Mar 11 2016

The proto-type for the evening.

The proto-type for the evening

Rita and her daughter Emma getting the umber ground down

Adding the background

getting a perspective

hard at work

Emma and Sheila

Love your cool top Emma

Kat getting the trees painted — with Kat Campbell.

Jayden is 7 and a talented painter

With Emma Hobbs.

Sheila getting her trees painted

Kat Campbell.

Jessica's son Jayden

With Rita Snow.

Sheila Wightwick Emma Hobbs and Rita Snow.

Love this group picture, I asked for some attitude

I love this pic of us, What a fun capture of us all!

The finished Art

The finished Art

The finished Art

Sheila Wightwick


paint night march 11