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Super Powers Potion gave me back 10 years!

Super Powers Potion
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Super Powers Potion
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Working long hours outdoors in all Canadian weather was starting to take its toll on my face, I was ageing fast, in my 40’s looking like 60, getting lines, dry red patches and looking grey and tired. I used a ton of different products from the famous brands with varying degrees of failure and was at wits end until a kind friend gave me a sample of Super Powers Potion a little hesitant at first I used it to soothe razor burn after shaving at the gym and it did the trick! after about 20 minutes the natural oils sunk deep into the pores and took away that redness, after a week of using it twice daily after showering it gave my skin a healthy sheen, after a month I had a glowing gloss, it kinda plumped up my face to smooth lines away and gave me back 10 years, I got a load of positive feedback from the ladies, I was hooked...I would buy it by the 5gallon pail if they did that size! I now use it all over, it has a 100 uses; a body moisturizer, a back rub, a sunscreen, a playlube, a post shave balm and all in one cool packaged jar...Praise SPP, I am a convert!!!


Karl W.
August 2014